Sharing Space & Sharing Cars

Special Promo for All Coworkers of Denver

You know Zipcar, right?

Zipcar is a car sharing program that is international and allows you to rent a car when you need it. They have a variety of cars from small ones to trucks to business vans. Denver Coworks has partnered with them to give you an awesome discount on the annual memberships ($35) so you get access to their car at their low hourly rate.

Introducing Zipcar One Way to the Airport

There are many reasons to join Zipcar. Their latest reason is the new Zipcar One Way service where you can pick up a car and drive it to the Denver airport, pay only $5 every half an hour, drop it off at Avis, and take the free Avis shuttle to the drop off spot. You don’t have to pay for overnight parking or wait to time the A line. It’s simple, faster, and it’s the benefits of sharing.