Coworking numbers keep going up and up in Denver. There is a new space opening up every other month in Denver and now there are over 2000 coworkers in the city (YIKES?!). It’s an exciting and some say stressful time to be in the Denver coworking world. This month space owners across Colorado came together for a mini coworking conference. It was put together by Denver Coworks and DeskPass to share ideas on managing spaces, driving collaboration between members in the space, and to share insights in trends.

Denver Coworks has always been built on the belief that working together makes every space a better community for our members and builds awareness of the coworking cause. By holding these mini-conferences we shared that same philosophy with spaces in Fort Collins, Colorado Springs, and Steamboat. This was are most diverse meeting not only people from all over the state but also in size and experience.

Sharing Advice and One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Angel from Cohere was one of the veteran space owner from Fort Collins reminded space owners that a small space can tickle your joy bug even though it might not fill up your wallet with lots of Bitcoins. Cohere was one of Colorado’s first coworking space owners and has a waiting list of over 10 members so newbies listened to her while spill her wisdom from on high. This was taken as a sign of relief for people that have ‘just’ 2,000 sq. ft. while spaces over 40,000 sq. ft. and budgets in the millions dominate the headlines.

Other new attendees had questions about build out costs and which Wifi routers to use. Unifi is a preferred router by many spaces right now, by the way. The discussion around passive aggressive signs for washing dishes was also brought up…of course. Other topics included pricing, promotions, referral schemes, coffee, management software, and the ways to judge financial goals.

Join Denver Coworks in February

Denver Coworks will continue to host these awesome mini-conferences for all our members. The next Denver Coworks meeting is in the first week of February and statewide mini-conference later in the spring.

If you are openning up a coworking space in the Denver area contact us about joining the coworking alliance. Craig from Creative Density will be happy to meet with you and learn more about your project.