‘As a remote worker, joining a coworking space was the seriously the best decision I made since moving to Denver.’
– John Klien

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Step 1: Get a Passport

You can pick them up at one of our main pick up hubs or at most participating spaces.

Step 2: Go Cowork! You have 17 spaces to explore.

The passport is sectioned by neighborhoods and has a map so you have a good idea of the most convenient spaces. Each space also has a brief description of their culture, amenities, and general price point. We recommend you try at least 5 spaces.

Step 3: Rate each space.

There is a rating system at the bottom of each space. Use this area to keep track of the atmosphere, the Wifi strength, coffee, and the community vibes. Here is a blog post about what you should look for in a coworking space.

Step 4: Make it Official! 

Join your favorite space and get $50 off your first month.


This doesn’t stop in Denver

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The Coworking Passport was developed to help independent coworking spaces get discovered by more remote workers and freelancers. Let the passport help your city thrive.