Denver Coworks hasn’t been sitting still since our Denver Coworking Passport launched in 2019. Space owners and community managers have been gathering every other month to share best practices and help guide each other through the COVID crises. After our end of 2019 review, the coworking owner community of Denver’s biggest concern was being better operators and marketers versus building awareness of the coworking movement, like we did with the passport.

In response to the group, this week we are starting a 4 part series with the best marketer in the coworking world that I could think of – Kevin Whelan of Everspaces. He has been the CMO of national coworking chains in Canada and has been an on-going consultant for some of the leading US brands. He is thoughtful about his approach to marketing, something we all could learn from, and strategic. Creative Density used Kevin when launching their new coworking location in Lone Tree.

This is not going to be a 101 marketing class, but it’s designed to be for spaces that have been operating for a year and want to fine-tune their marketing, re-evaluate their strategies, and optimize their website for conversions. There will be homework and he will be providing feedback. This is not a lecture, but a back and forth, and I’m sure every coworking space owner and community manager is going to learn a lot.

Course Topics
Strategy and Positioning
Analytics and Measurement
Website Design Essentials
Content Marketing Tactics

As the coworking space owner, I am so excited because I know Creative Density will be able to better express itself to potential customers after this. The other space owners I’m sure will get the same benefit.