Denver Coworks, a newly formed alliance of coworking spaces in Denver, will be hosting Denver Coworking Week, May 6-10, to educate and introduce people to the dynamic movement of coworking. Coworking spaces provide an alternative workplace environment for remote workers, freelancers, entrepreneurs, startups, and creative professionals.

Each space will host events and tours free of charge, highlighting their unique offerings and demonstrating the benefits of working in a collaborative environment.

“Globally, coworking spaces are opening at the rate of nearly five new locations each workday,” says Craig Baute, owner of Denver’s Creative Density. “Membership has increased 117% in just the last year.”

These shared work environments bring together individuals from a variety of professions and become catalysts for networking, collaboration, innovation, and other synergistic connections. Shared values, interests, and goals can unite coworking members in a community atmosphere not often found in traditional office or individual work settings.

“Remote workers are realizing that there’s a beneficial alternative to working from home or in a coffee shop,” says Brian Lantzy, Vice President of Shift Workspaces. “Denver Coworking Week will let people experience the different coworking options available around town.”

Denver Coworking Week runs May 6-10, and each day features a unique space with events designed to instruct and empower business & creative professionals. A number of social activities including lunches, happy hours, and even a kickball tournament are also scheduled. These events will give participants entry into the great community environments that already exist in the spaces.

Full schedules and passports for attending Denver Coworking Week can be found at www.denvercoworks.org. The passport gives participants free access to each space, as well as the opportunity to win a free month of coworking at the location of their choice.

About Denver Coworks:
Denver Coworks is an alliance of coworking spaces in Denver that are working to build awareness of the exciting coworking movement. They include Green Spaces, Creative Density, Shift Workspaces, The Desk, Thrive, and Converge Denver.


Craig Baute
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