Creative Density is hiring a community manager at our newest location in Lone Tree. This is a great opportunity to join the exciting and constantly changing coworking industry and be part of the Creative Density team. As a community manager, you’ll be in charge of your own coworking space in Lone Tree with the support of the Creative Density leadership to guide and support you.

Why work at Creative Density?
Creative Density is not your typical coworking space. Since 2011, they have built spaces that are more about bringing friendly people together than just filling seats. They believe coworking is best as smaller neighborhood hubs for people to do the work they love with a collaborative attitude.

Creative Density wants to stretch their community members and team members to have an entrepreneurial attitude. Their team members (you!) have a voice and are given the opportunity to grow in the coworking world through new coworking side-hustle projects, consulting gigs helping others start spaces, or really whatever else idea makes sense. If you have an idea, they want to hear it.

We are open and transparent in what we are doing and why. No shady dealings.

Job Responsibilities

You are the community manager. It’s your space and it’s your community. You will be fully supported by the Creative Density leadership team. Your daily responsibilities will be opening the space, creating a casual and fun atmosphere, and making sure the community knows how to use the space and always has fresh coffee.

You’ll be planning events, celebrating wins of members with cake, bouncing ideas around with members, giving high-fives, and sharing the good times on the ‘Gram (right now, we’re kind of bad at social media).

Main Duties

  • First point of contact for the space
  • Follow up with leads from the website and walk-ins
  • Greet people for tours and follow up with them
  • Make sure the conference room is good to go
  • Know every one names and at least a few fun facts about them
  • Make a lot of coffee
  • Tidy up the space
  • Order supplies when things run low (common sense stuff)
  • Write a blog post every week
  • Share activities on social media in a smart and strategic way

Overall, you get it.

Is this you?

Creative Density is looking for an energetic, friendly, organized person that loves coworking. You are a self-starter that wants to take ownership of a project. If you are really good at writing, marketing, or social media then you have a leg up.

What if I’m starting my own freelance thing?
Great! We love people that would be part of the community anyways. You keep doing your freelance work, but don’t let it distract you from the coworking work.

So what’s the pay?

Hours: ~ 30 hours
Pay: $19 to $21 an hour

How to apply?

Send your resume and send us a short video through Facebook or Instagram, @CreativeDensity, on why you want to join the Creative Density team. The video doesn’t need to be fancy, so don’t stress about it.

If you have any questions then send us an email at [email protected].