Creative Density Coworking is expanding in 2020 with their affordable neighborhood-focused spaces into Lone Tree, behind the Park Meadows Mall. In bucking with the trends of large spaces like WeWork, Spaces, and other local chains, Creative Density Coworking spaces are less than 8,000 square feet to provide a more local and community feel where people actually get to know each other. Craig Baute, the owner explains how their coworking style is true to coworking’s roots by describing it as,

Creative Density, community is important. In fact, we take an approach that is people first, space second. We do that by starting communities that are focused on remote workers, freelancers, and small teams. Lone Tree and South Denver doens’t have a space like that right now.’

The Lone Tree coworking location will have 20 offices ranging from 1 to 8 person offices, and the entire space will have a fun creative design. ‘Creative Density’s culture is all about friends coming together to work, and we do that by creating an inspiring atmosphere but also with a lot of pot lucks.’ The community will be made up of freelance designers, lawyers, digital marketing companies, consultants, and people that just moved to South Denver but kept their job.

The amenities will be unique for the area, with a top floor patio with mountain views that is large enough for groups with grills and yard games. The space will also have a podcasting studio, sparkling water, VR headsets, and a 4K drone for members to borrow. The space is designed to support the community’s creative passions and to help keep their costs down. For example, if a wedding photographer needs a drone for a single wedding this year then they don’t want to buy a $1000 drone for a single occasion. They can just borrow it for the day.

So what’s the pricing going to be like?
Coworking memberships start at $75 and go to $200.
Permanent Desks are $300
Offices start at $600

Want a bonus? As Creative Density Coworking expands, Lone Tree members get the extra benefit of free access to their locations and Powered By spaces in downtown Denver, Lafayette, and Chicago.