You and your business have story to share.

Now you have no more excuses. Creative Density has just launched a new podcasting studio that is open to the public. They worked with a professional sound engineer and the good fellows at Guitar Center to design a professional 4 mic set up and mixer so you can have a crisp and clear sound. It’s super easy to get started and after a quick 10 minute training you can start recording your new podcast.

Creative Density’s new podcasting studio is also Denver’s most affordable option at only $15 an hour. Craig Baute, the owner of Creative Density, said he wants the studio to be a ‘creative outlet that is accessible to everyone.’ He remembers wanting to start his own podcast but always convincing himself that he needed a really nice mic and guest speakers. He created the podcast studio so Denverites could move past that and just start. ‘The price shouldn’t be a barrier for individuals and small business that want to take their show to the next level.’ He also described on how at $15 an hour the studio also makes a great place for people to record video voice overs for training and promotional videos.

If you want to get started at Creative Density’s new podcasting studio go to this link.