We are mixing it up for our monthly coworking space owner get together. On May 22nd we are having our first vendor showcase.

Why? Because we love sharing tips on how we run our spaces. So all of our coworking communities can be efficient and offer new things to our members.

We have invited 6 local products and services that one of us use and it’s now it’s something they can’t live without. The company is going to give a 7 minute presentation. After all of them have presented we will break up so people will be able to ask more individual questions.

This will is going to be a great way for us to learn about local companies that are building awesome things for the coworking industry.

This is an exclusive event for Denver Coworks members. If you have a coworking space or are thinking about starting one and are not a member then please apply.

Denver Coworks is an alliance of coworking spaces in the Mile High City. We have two goals; to support each other by sharing knowledge and helping members find the right community, and to promote coworking by building awareness in innovative ways. We were started by Creative Density’s owner, Craig Baute, back in 2012 and we are now the world’s most active regional alliance of coworking spaces.