By Mary Connors

After about a week of working from home the novelty had already worn off. After years of wanting flexibility, to do work on my own time, to have my own space and my own schedule I had finally been gifted the awesome opportunity to work from home. I had moved cities, moving to the awesome state of Colorado-a dream for years that finally came true, now I my apartment set up, my home office ready to go, and a week in I was already going crazy. Constantly distracted by the laundry I could do, the snacks I could eat, the closet I could organize, I found myself struggling to get work done. Not only was I struggling there, I realized I had NO ONE to interact with…in my old life I had colleagues and water cooler gossip and people to happy hour with…now I was totally alone in this awesome new city, with no coworkers, no happy hours, and I felt soon no sanity. I always love the moments in life when you are given exactly what you want, only to figure out that it is not at all what you thought it would be, or what you want. I panicked, I had to get out, had to meet people, had to figure it out, something, anything would be better than this! How could I have been so wrong about working from home?

I jumped online and started researching what I could do! And the heavens parted and the concept of “CoWorking” was introduced to me. Within the hour I had tours set up at multiple locations…I felt my anxiety lessening. I decided to take Friday off to check out this new idea of coworking. I went on a tour frenzy, seeing 6 different places that day, each place awesome and unique in its own way. Many of the spaces offered similar amenities, coffee, beer (yes beer on tap!), events/social gatherings for their members…I knew instantly coworking was made for me. It was the perfect blend of making my own schedule, freedom, socializing, networking, fun and a professional atmosphere. The spaces offered me access to conference rooms, high speed internet, printing services, coffee bar, and more. I knew I still wanted to work from home a little bit and there were membership options for me to be able to do that. I finally decided on the space and the plan that was right for me.

With my new “non” coworkers, my coworking coworkers, I was able to find that social element I was longing for. Soon I made friends and was happy houring, making professional connections and growing my business. The relaxed, friendly and professional vibe really helped me focus, be productive and enjoy my work day. For me coworking is the perfect balance of work from home and be in an office, but its an office I really want to be at and work from. Even though the community is not huge I am still meeting new people all the time, we are always doing new and different types of events at the space…lunch and learns to sporting events to competitive games of bags, it is all in a day’s work….in the world of coworking.