For its third year running, Denver Coworking Week is back with more spaces, more members, and more opportunities to expand your network and explore your workspace options. Throughout the week of June 8th-12th, Denver’s best coworking spots will be open to the public, and be hosting various workshops, community events, and networking opportunities. If you’ve been meaning to try out coworking for a while, or are just curious about the options, this is a great opportunity to  meet your future community and test drive your future workspace.

This year Denver Coworks set up the days based around neighborhoods and the 16th Street Mall’s ModWorks and The Hive are kicking things off. Throughout the week mobile workers and startups should keep exploring the spaces in Ball Park, Uptown, RiNo, and Cherry Creek to not only find the most convenient one but also a community that best fits what they are looking for. As people explore the spaces they will have the opportunity to attend free BBQs and educational entrepreneurship events that will be at each highlighted space for that day.


The Denver scene is special in that it has created micro-communities with Creative Density catering to social remote workers and freelancers, Thrive, Modworks, and Shift serving startups and small businesses, Converge focused on creatives, The Factory Desk focused on digital creatives, Green Spaces on environmental entrepreneurs, and The Hive going ultra niche to serving the wedding industry. With such a diverse set of communities and events there will be a lot to look forward to.



Monday: ModWorks and The Hive

Tuesday: Thrive Ball Park and Converge

Wednesday: Green Spaces and Creative Density

Thursday: Shift Workspace

Friday: Thrive Cherry Creek and Factory Desk


Please RSVP at our event link for a full schedule and updates. Everything is free.

If you have any questions please contact [email protected], call 720-295-1798, and go to DenverCoworks.org for more information.a